About Us
Gulf supply offers professional and complete distribution and marketing services through two fully fledged divisions, working under the same company’s name, but each enjoys its own individual operational infrastructure.

Food Stuff & Confectioneries Division      Manager : Mr. KHALIFA HELAL

This division handles the import of foodstuff including canned fruits, vegetables, beans, cheese, juices, oils, rice, sugar, confectioneries, biscuits, lentils and other related products. The distribution channels for these items are co-operatives, supermarkets, wholesalers and other retail outlets.

Cosmetics, Toiletries, Cleaning &               Manager : Mr. MOHAMMED MEZHER
Dental Hygiene Products Division

This division handles the import of cosmetics , toiletries, hair care products, cleaning & dental hygiene products, adhesives, tissue paper, aluminum foils, disinfectants and others. The distribution channels for these items are co-operatives, super-markets, wholesalers, pharmacies and other outlets.

Finance Department                                        Finance Manager : Mr. MUSTAFA BADRAN

Sales Men & Employees

A total of 100 skilled and competent staff ( comprising Division Managers, Supervisors, Salesmen, Merchandisers, Accountants, Secretaries, Computer Assistants, Office Clerks, Drivers and Laborers), out of which a total of 30 salesmen represent the backbone of the sales force team running the operations
of the two divisions.

Division Managers Supervisors Salesmen Others Total
Foodstuff / confectioneries 1 2 15 32 50
Cosmetics / Toiletries 1 1 15 33 50
TOTAL 2 3 30 65 100

Warehousing & Storing

Gulf Supply offers warehousing facilities through a total of 6 dry and cold stores fully equipped with the latest storing technology and facilities.

Division Dry Stores Cool Stores Total
Foodstuff / confectioneries 3 2 5
Cosmetics & Toiletries 4 - 1
TOTAL 1 2 6

Delivery & Transport Facilities

Gulf Supply gathers a complete and professionally organized fleet of delivery and transport vehicles to ensure ease and quick logistic operations including clearing, transportation to warehouses, storing and deliveries throughout the territories of Kuwait.

Facility Nos.
Delivery vans 15
Salesmen vans 4
Refrigerated vans 2
Lorries 3


A total of US$ 18 million represents the total sales turnover of two divisions.

Division Sales Turnover %
Foodstuff 7,200,000 40.0
Confectioneries 1,800,000 10.0
Cosmetics & Toiletries 9,000,000 50.0
Total 18,000,000 100.0